Get Your Favorite E-Bike with Free Accessories from HeyBike's Spring Sale

Get Your Favorite E-Bike with Free Accessories from HeyBike’s Spring Sale

As the spring season ushers in a wave of blossoming flora and fauna, major e-retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy are embracing the season with enticing discounts. Riding on this trend, the well-known e-bike manufacturer HeyBike joins the fray with exciting spring sale offers. HeyBike is currently running a promotion where customers can receive three complimentary accessories upon purchasing an e-bike from their collection. The sale is already underway, inviting interested individuals to explore and shop for their preferred e-bike models on the HeyBike Online Shop.

HeyBike Spring Sale Highlights

HeyBike, recognized for its premium range of e-bikes, reserves discounts for special occasions, with the Spring Sale being one of the prime events. If you are in the market for a foldable e-bike equipped with a high-quality electric motor and impressive range, HeyBike might be the perfect fit for you. The lineup includes models like Mars 2.0, with the more affordable Ranger bikes leading the pack. Additionally, Explore and Cityrun models are currently available at a discounted price of $1,199. For those seeking an extended range of up to 70 miles, models like Tyson, Horizon, Ranger S, Brawn, and others are on offer.

Complimentary Accessories with Every E-Bike Purchase

Regardless of the selected model's price point, all HeyBike e-bikes feature a consistent 1200W motor capable of reaching speeds up to 28 miles per hour, with varying tire sizes based on the model variant.

HeyBike E-Bikes: Key Features

HeyBike e-bikes stand out for their compact folding design, ensuring easy transportation in a car trunk. The inclusion of quality suspensions, fat tires, rear racks, and front and rear lamps adds an extra layer of convenience and safety to the riding experience. Noteworthy features include support for hassle-free bike charging and the presence of USB charging ports for electronic devices.

Following the purchase of an e-bike, customers have the option to select three complimentary accessories from a range of offerings. These accessories may include Bike Baskets, Foldable Locks, Phone mounts, and more. Additionally, HeyBike provides a complimentary Cycling Essentials package consisting of a Cable Lock, Heybike T-Shirt, Heybike Hat, and Heybike Keychain. This irresistible offer underscores the value proposition of HeyBike products. Act swiftly to secure your preferred accessories before stocks run low.

Get Your Favorite E-Bike with Free Accessories from HeyBike's Spring Sale
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