Google Podcasts Closure: Not an April Fool's - Act Now!

Google Podcasts Closure: Not an April Fool’s – Act Now!

Google has made the decision to officially close down the Google Podcasts app starting from April 2. This announcement, which was first made in September 2023, adds to a list of projects that Google has discontinued over time. The Google Podcasts app has been widely used with over 500 million downloads globally.

Transition to YouTube Music

With the impending shutdown of the Podcasts app, Google is urging users to shift to YouTube Music for their podcast needs. The aim is to establish a more comprehensive platform for both listeners and creators. Google promises enhanced features on YouTube Music focusing on community engagement, content discovery, and the seamless transition between audio and video formats.

Moving from Google Podcasts to YouTube Music

For existing Google Podcasts users, there's no need to panic about losing subscriptions. Google has laid out a process for transferring subscriptions to YouTube Music smoothly. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Export from Google Podcasts: Navigate to the Podcasts app, tap on "Export subscriptions," then select "Export under 'Export to YouTube Music'."
  2. Import to YouTube Music: Access the YouTube Music app, click on "Transfer," then "Continue," and once the transfer is finished, select "Go to Library."

Important Points

  • The transfer of subscriptions might take a few minutes.
  • Not all podcasts may be accessible on YouTube Music. In such cases, you may have to use the show's RSS feed link to resubscribe.
  • You have until July 2024 to complete the migration process.

While many users are expected to continue their podcast experiences on YouTube Music, the discontinuation of Google Podcasts signifies the end of a well-received application.

The rationale behind Google's decision to shut down a successful product, like Google Podcasts, remains somewhat unclear to its user base. The impact of this change on podcasters and their devoted audience will become apparent in due course.

Google Podcasts Closure: Not an April Fool's - Act Now!
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