Genshin Impact Faces Backlash, Loses Over a Million Followers Due to Dissatisfying New Year Rewards

Genshin Impact Faces Backlash, Loses Over a Million Followers Due to Dissatisfying New Year Rewards

Genshin Impact Faces Backlash Over Lantern Rite Festival Rewards

Genshin Impact, a popular online RPG game, has recently come under fire from its Chinese player base due to the controversy surrounding the rewards offered during the Lantern Rite Festival, an event that celebrates the Chinese New Year. The game’s developers, HoYoverse, announced modest rewards for the festival, which disappointed many players in China, where the event holds great cultural significance.

Disappointment Among Players

The dissatisfaction among players was evident as Genshin Impact’s official Douyin (Chinese version of TikTok) account experienced a significant loss of over one million followers in just one day. The account saw a drop from approximately 9.6 million followers to around 8 million. Similar declines in followers were also observed on other social media platforms associated with the game.

Players compared the rewards offered for the Chinese New Year event unfavorably with those given in other regions and even with rewards in HoYoverse’s other games. This perceived imbalance led to accusations of global favoritism and a lack of appreciation for the Chinese audience. As a result, players not only unfollowed Genshin Impact’s social media accounts but also targeted affiliated brands such as KFC, Hey Tea, and Pizza Hut.

Allegations of Bot Accounts

Amidst the outcry, allegations surfaced that HoYoverse was using bot accounts to artificially maintain follower counts on platforms like BiliBili, a major Chinese video-sharing website. These accusations further fueled the discontent among the player community, adding to the already tense situation.

Debates and Controversy

This situation has sparked heated debates among players regarding the game’s reward system. While some argue that the response is an overreaction, others support the dissatisfaction, citing long-standing frustrations with HoYoverse. The controversy has spilled over to other social media platforms, with players expressing their disappointment and calling for better rewards.

HoYoverse’s Response

In response to the backlash, HoYoverse issued an apology and promised to reassess and adjust the rewards for future events. The company acknowledged the challenges faced by game developers in balancing the expectations and cultural sensitivities of a diverse global audience.

The future of Genshin Impact in the Chinese market now depends on HoYoverse’s handling of this crisis and its ability to effectively address the concerns of its players. Only time will tell how the situation unfolds and whether the game can regain the trust and support of its Chinese player base.

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