Galaxy S24 Ultra Owners Report S Pen Odor Concern

Galaxy S24 Ultra Owners Report S Pen Odor Concern

Samsung's Galaxy S24 Ultra, the latest smartphone equipped with cutting-edge features for 2024, has unexpectedly captured attention due to a peculiar problem: a strong burnt plastic smell emitted by the S Pen stylus.

The buzz surrounding this unusual issue originated on Reddit when a user named LatifYil highlighted that the S Pen on their Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra emitted a highly unpleasant odor. The post quickly garnered numerous comments from users who also experienced the same problem.

User Reactions

Some users injected humor into the conversation, with one user playfully affirming, "Can confirm it’s a stinky boi." Descriptions of the smell varied, with some likening it to "burnt plastic" and others associating it with the unique scent of a "cybertruck."

Potential Explanations

While some users speculated that chemical coatings might be responsible for the smell, Samsung's EU community forum moderator offered a simpler explanation. The moderator explained that the S Pen's close proximity to internal components causes it to heat up when stored, resulting in a "hot plastic" smell reminiscent of a car left in the sun.

Previous Instances

Interestingly, this odor issue is not exclusive to the S24 Ultra model. Reports from 9to5Google indicate that earlier models like the Galaxy S23 Ultra and S22 Ultra also exhibit this characteristic smell.

Upon investigation, it was found that even my Galaxy S22 Ultra had a faint odor from the S Pen, although not as intense as reported. Surprisingly, it was noted that the older Note S20 Ultra stylus did not have any odor, possibly due to its glossy finish in contrast to the rubberized coating found on newer models.

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