Exclusive: General Mobile to Launch GM Era 30 & 50

Exclusive: General Mobile to Launch GM Era 30 & 50

General Mobile is gearing up to introduce a fresh lineup of smartphones. Based in Turkey, General Mobile typically rolls out mid-range Android devices at budget-friendly prices. Although the launch date for their upcoming smartphones remains undisclosed, our database reveals that the company is working on two models, the GM Era 30 and GM Era 50.

General Mobile GM Era 30 & GM Era 50

We have identified two new devices with the model numbers “G318” and “G518” in our database. Regrettably, we only possess the model numbers and lack any technical specifications or launch dates. Initially, we anticipated General Mobile to unveil the GM 25 series. The company has previously released several smartphone series such as GM 24, GM 23, and GM 22.

GM Era 30 & GM Era 50

The GM 24 Pro, already launched by General Mobile, carries the model number “G514.” The forthcoming device with the model number “G518” is actually the GM Era 50. Moreover, the upcoming device with the model number “G318” will be marketed as the GM Era 30. This model is expected to be a more economical option.

Though we were initially expecting the launch of the GM 25 series, it seems General Mobile is opting for a different branding approach. Despite the lack of technical specifications, we anticipate that General Mobile will introduce another mid-range device. Previously, the GM Phoenix 5G featured the MediaTek Dimensity 7050 chipset, while the GM 24 Pro came with the MediaTek Helio G99 chipset. As previously noted, General Mobile generally focuses on mid-range devices.

While General Mobile has a history of launching mid-range devices, they have never before introduced a phone under the “GM Era” series. This time, the company might be innovating or simply continuing their tradition with a new mid-range lineup.

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