ERNE 4.0 AI to Boost Galaxy S24 Series in Collaboration between Samsung China and Baidu

ERNE 4.0 AI to Boost Galaxy S24 Series in Collaboration between Samsung China and Baidu

Samsung Electronics China has partnered with Baidu AI Cloud to enhance the AI capabilities of its latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S24 Series. By leveraging Baidu's advanced ERNIE model, Samsung aims to introduce new tools and functionalities to its phone AI.

Enhancing the Galaxy S24 Series with Advanced AI Features

Through this collaboration, the Galaxy S24 Series is now equipped with smarter AI features. These include the ability to condense lengthy texts into concise and clear formats, organize text in a neat manner, and provide real-time call translation. The updated Samsung Note Assistant, powered by ERNIE, enables users to effortlessly translate and summarize content into easily understandable formats with just a simple button press.

Revolutionizing Communication and Productivity

The Galaxy S24 Series phones now offer the remarkable capability to instantly convert spoken words into written text, accurately identify the speaker, and facilitate seamless language translation. This functionality proves particularly beneficial for professionals working in office environments and individuals who frequently communicate in multiple languages.

Introducing "Circle to Search" Feature

A notable addition to the S24 Series is the "Circle to Search" feature, which allows users to effortlessly search for information within texts, images, audio, or videos using intuitive gestures. This feature seamlessly integrates with Baidu Search, providing users with rapid and precise search results.

Future Prospects and Baidu's ERNIE Bot

Chen Yifan, a prominent executive at Baidu, expressed excitement about the future applications of the ERNIE Bot. This advanced AI model excels in processing various types of data, including text, images, sound, and video, catering to diverse user needs. Baidu's ERNIE 4.0, launched last year, has made significant advancements in AI technology and has already garnered over 100 million users.

Simplifying AI App Development with Baidu AI Cloud

In addition to the collaboration on the Galaxy S24 Series, Baidu AI Cloud is also streamlining the development of AI applications. Tools like ModelBuilder and AppBuilder empower developers to create customized AI models with ease, facilitating the creation of innovative and personalized AI solutions.

Overall, the partnership between Samsung Electronics China and Baidu AI Cloud has enhanced the AI capabilities of the Galaxy S24 Series, making it a more intelligent and versatile smartphone. With features like text summarization, real-time translation, and gesture-based search, users can experience heightened productivity and seamless communication. As Baidu continues to innovate with its ERNIE Bot and AI development tools, the future of AI-powered smartphones looks promising.

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