Epson CH-TW5750 Projector: 2700 Lumens, 1080P Resolution

Epson CH-TW5750 Projector: 2700 Lumens, 1080P Resolution

Epson recently introduced its latest CH-TW5750 projector, emphasizing its accurate color reproduction, impressive brightness, and intelligent functionalities. Priced at 4299 yuan (approximately $594), the projector is now available for pre-order on Let's explore its primary specifications.

Epson CH-TW5750 Projector Specifications:

The projector is furnished with 3LCD display technology and Epson's proprietary C2FINE (Crystal Clear Fine Technology) to provide sharp, clear, and authentic images free from speckles or rainbow artifacts. It supports a 10-bit color depth, offers 6-channel color adjustment for personalized color temperature and saturation modifications, and achieves a DUV value close to 0 for richer and more dynamic colors.

Display and Performance Features:

Featuring 3 pieces of 0.61-inch polysilicon active matrix chips, the CH-TW5750 attains a native 1080P resolution and a brightness of 2700 lumens following ISO standards. This ensures vibrant and bright visuals even in well-lit surroundings. The projector also incorporates a 1.2x optical zoom for adaptable placement and a high dynamic contrast ratio of 35,000:1 for clear detailing in dark areas and vivid colors in bright sections.

Smart Features and Design:

Running on Android 11.0 operating system with 64GB of storage, the CH-TW5750 offers AI voice capabilities and Tencent Aurora TV OS for a smooth and user-friendly interface. It includes a sleep mode to automatically power down during inactivity and a time magnifying glass function. The sleek design features a brushed metal lens protection module enhancing both protection and aesthetics. The smart remote control ensures easy navigation and operation for an enhanced user experience.

Technology and Longevity:

Utilizing diffuse reflection technology for light projection, the CH-TW5750 lessens eye strain and fatigue. It boasts a lengthy light source life of 7500 hours in ECO mode, equating to over 6 years and 7 months of usage at 3 hours per day. Epson provides a 3-year whole machine warranty and a 3-year light source warranty, ensuring durability and peace of mind for users.

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