Epic Games Introducing Two New Free Games

Epic Games Introducing Two New Free Games

Gear up for a week of complimentary games courtesy of the Epic Games Store! Here's a rundown of what you can add to your collection without any cost:


Embark on a mind-bending journey with INDUSTRIA, a first-person shooter set amidst the backdrop of the collapsing Berlin Wall. Transported to a parallel universe while searching for a missing colleague, you'll navigate a captivating world blending Cold War-era East Berlin with an eerie industrial landscape. Prepare for a suspenseful narrative as you unravel the mysteries of this enigmatic place, facing deadly adversaries at every turn. Arm yourself with a selection of four weapons while the unique soundtrack, featuring a mix of synthesizers, acoustic instruments, and haunting vocals, enhances the immersive experience. INDUSTRIA offers a concise yet impactful gameplay lasting approximately 4 hours.

LISA: The Definitive Edition

Dive into the dark and twisted realm of Olathe in LISA: The Definitive Edition, a narrative-driven RPG that combines LISA: The Painful and its sequel, LISA: The Joyful, to provide a comprehensive storyline for both new and returning players. Brace yourself for an emotional journey as you navigate the harsh realities of Olathe, uncovering hidden secrets lurking beneath the surface. This RPG offers a mature and intense narrative, presenting players with challenging decisions to make throughout the gameplay.

Don't miss out on these free titles while they're available! And remember to keep an eye out next week for Orcs Must Die 3, the upcoming free game that will bring tower defense action to your Epic Games library.

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