Enermax to Unveil 1650W & 2400W Power Supplies at Computex 2024

Enermax to Unveil 1650W & 2400W Power Supplies at Computex 2024

Enermax is stepping up its game at Computex 2024 with an array of new PC components designed to keep systems cool and efficient. Their offerings include various chassis, power supplies, and cooling solutions aimed at a broad spectrum of users, from casual builders to hardcore enthusiasts.

High-Efficiency Power Supply Units

For those seeking top-tier performance, Enermax presents two high-powered power supply options:

  • MaxTytan Digital 1650W: This unit features 80 Plus Titanium efficiency and supports the latest ATX 3.1 standard. It includes a semi-fanless design for quiet operation during low workloads and a built-in screen to monitor power output in real-time.
  • Platimax 2400W: Certified 80 Plus Platinum, this powerhouse can handle the most demanding systems while maintaining a compact size suitable for mid-tower cases.

AI System Solutions and Versatile Options

Enermax also caters to AI-powered PC builders with the Platimax DF 12 Series, available in 750W, 850W, and 1000W variants. These power supplies feature a standard 14cm form factor and a fan stop function that activates at 50% load or below, ensuring silent operation.

For users with varied power needs, the Revolution DFX Pro Series offers wattages ranging from 750W to 1200W. All models in this series deliver the reliable performance synonymous with the Revolution DFX Pro line.

Collaboration for Extreme Performance

In collaboration with an overclocking champion, Enermax has developed the Revolution DFX Pro Splave series, available in 1000W and 1200W models. This series is designed for extreme enthusiasts focused on performance and stability, pushing their systems to the limit.

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