Dreame H2O Super Power Edition: 16000Pa Suction, Hot Water Mop

Dreame H2O Super Power Edition: 16000Pa Suction, Hot Water Mop

Dreame recently introduced the latest addition to its lineup of floor scrubbers, the H2O Super Power Edition, which promises advanced features aimed at delivering a thorough and sanitized cleaning experience for homes. This cutting-edge appliance addresses common challenges associated with floor cleaning through its robust suction capabilities, hot water sterilization, and efficient drying mechanisms.

Innovative Features of Dreame H2O Super Power Edition:

Unlike conventional floor scrubbers that may leave behind dirt and bacteria residues, the H2O Super Power Edition stands out with its utilization of 72°C hot water sterilization, effectively eradicating 99.99% of bacteria, including notable strains like Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, and Candida albicans, ensuring a hygienic cleaning process.

Technical Specifications of Dreame H2O Super Power Edition:

Operating at a noise level of just 66 dB, this floor scrubber guarantees a quiet cleaning experience that won't disrupt your daily routines or sleep patterns. Its one-step drying system efficiently eliminates excess moisture, curbing the growth of odor-causing bacteria. This feature is particularly advantageous for households with infants or individuals sensitive to noise disturbances.

Boasting a suction power of 16000 Pa, the H2O Super Power Edition effortlessly handles both dry and wet debris, leaving floors impeccably clean. Equipped with a 4000mAh battery, it offers an impressive 40-minute runtime, making it suitable for cleaning sizable spaces such as apartments up to 300 square meters in a single session.

Safety and Additional Features:

The H2O Super Power Edition places a strong emphasis on safety with its triple water stain control technology, comprising a high-performance fiber roller brush that absorbs water rapidly, comb teeth that regulate excess water, and high-frequency wiping for immediate floor drying, thereby reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Dreame has integrated the floor scrubber with extra features to enhance the cleaning process. Functions like reverse and forward rotation prevent hair tangling, while full-directional strong adhesion and double-sided 0-edge cleaning ensure thorough cleaning of edges and corners. Moreover, the smart dirt sensing technology adjusts the cleaning mode automatically based on dirt levels, optimizing resource usage.

Availability and Pricing Details:

The Dreame H2O Super Power Edition floor scrubber is currently accessible for purchase on JD.com at a special introductory price of 1999 yuan (approximately $276).

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