Design of Lenovo Tab Plus revealed through high-definition renders

Design of Lenovo Tab Plus revealed through high-definition renders

Windows Report recently provided insights into the design of the upcoming Lenovo Tab Plus tablet, offering a high-definition rendering that showcases its aesthetic and functional features. The Lenovo Tab Plus aligns with current market trends, sporting flat edges and chamfered corners for both style and ease of handling. The front camera is positioned at the top middle of the front panel. It contributes to the device’s modern and sleek appearance.

Thicker Lower Portion

Examining the side profile of the tablet, it’s evident that the lower portion of the Lenovo Tab Plus is notably thicker than the upper part, almost doubling in thickness. Despite this variation, the tablet opts for a flat effect rather than a cylindrical chin, enhancing grip and usability. The left side of the fuselage houses a USB-C port, while the right side accommodates a headphone jack, volume buttons, two microphones, and a SIM/SD card slot. Notably, the device boasts large chambers for Dolby Atmos speakers on both sides, ensuring immersive audio experiences.

Upgraded Stand Mechanism

Turning our attention to the tablet’s back, we observe a significant upgrade in the stand mechanism, which is larger and thicker compared to previous models. When fully extended, the stand lies almost flat, providing stability in positioning. Additionally, located in the upper right corner of the rear panel is the device’s camera.

Protective Case and Stylus

While specifications of the Lenovo Tab Plus are yet to be disclosed, it’s worth noting that the device will include a protective case within the package. Moreover, reports suggest that another accessory accompanying the tablet could be a stylus, catering to creative individuals who seek to maximize their productivity on the Tab Plus platform.

Overall, the Lenovo Tab Plus appears to offer a functional design and potential for enhanced creativity, positioning itself as a versatile option in the tablet market.

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