Dareu unveils A980Pro & A980ProMax 8K gaming mice with 0.85" TFT display in China

Dareu unveils A980Pro & A980ProMax 8K gaming mice with 0.85″ TFT display in China

Dareu, a gaming peripherals manufacturer from China, has introduced two new wireless gaming mice, namely the A980Pro and A980ProMax, in the Chinese market.


Both mice are equipped with the P3395 optical sensor, providing a maximum DPI of 26000, 650 IPS tracking speed, and 50G maximum acceleration. They feature Kailh GM 8.0 Black Mamba micro switches with a lifespan of 80 million clicks.

Connectivity and Features:

The Dareu A980Pro and A980ProMax offer three connectivity modes: wired, NearLink wireless, and Bluetooth 5.1. They can connect with three devices simultaneously. The NearLink wireless technology, developed by Huawei, ensures low latency of around 1ms and a polling rate of up to 4000Hz in wireless mode and 8000Hz in wired mode.

Key Differences:

The A980ProMax stands out with a 0.85-inch TFT color display screen, showing mouse status indicators, and enabling functions like DPI/polling rate adjustments. It also includes a metal scroll wheel and a larger battery capacity of 930mAh, compared to the A980Pro's 500mAh. The A980Pro supports fast charging, unlike the A980ProMax.

Both mice are crafted from magnesium alloy, known for its lightweight, dense, and durable properties. They feature Dareu's energy-saving wireless technology, providing up to 70 hours of battery life in NearLink mode and up to 130 hours in Bluetooth mode for the A980Pro (the A980ProMax's battery life is unspecified).

The A980Pro weighs 62g, while the A980ProMax is slightly heavier at 73g. With dimensions of 129mm x 72mm x 40mm, these mice offer a comfortable size suitable for various hand grips and gaming styles.

The DPI settings, lighting effects, polling rate, and TFT screen customization can be adjusted using the Dareu driver software, which also allows for configuration of macro keys for personalized mouse settings.

Pricing and Availability:

The Dareu A980Pro is priced at 299 Yuan (approximately $42 USD), while the A980ProMax costs 399 Yuan (around $56 USD). Both mice are currently available for pre-order on JD.com and will be released for sale starting at 10:00 am on March 15th.

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