ColorOS New Year Edition: Oppo and OnePlus Embrace AI – Learn Which Models will Receive the Update

ColorOS New Year Edition: Oppo and OnePlus Embrace AI – Learn Which Models will Receive the Update

Artificial intelligence technologies continue to grow in popularity. Today, it is possible to see AI inspirations in many products and services. Of course, smartphone manufacturers are no exception. After Samsung introduced Galaxy AI to our lives with the S24 series, now Oppo and OnePlus have rolled out their AI-powered ColorOS New Year Edition update for millions of users. The update brings over 100 new AI features designed to enhance productivity, creativity, and user experience. Here are the details…

Oppo and OnePlus Embrace AI with ColorOS New Year Edition Update

Artificial intelligence technologies used in smartphones aim to make our daily lives easier. For example, one of the AI features that came into our lives with the ColorOS New Year Edition Update is AI Call Summary. This feature intelligently analyzes your phone calls, transcribing them and highlighting important points. It can even create to-do lists and reminders based on the conversation, saving you the hassle of note-taking during long calls.

AI Elimination for Perfect Memories

Another important feature that comes to Oppo and OnePlus phones with this update is AI Elimination. As you know, smartphones are our most important helpers in capturing unique moments. However, sometimes unwanted people or objects can enter the frame in our memories with our loved ones. With this feature, you can remove them and make quick and effortless image touch-ups.

Personalized Greeting Cards and Festive Photo Studio

Of course, the new year is wonderful when you share it with your loved ones. With the AI Greeting Cards feature, you can design personalized New Year greeting cards with the help of AI-generated suggestions and templates. Additionally, with Photo Studio, you can apply festive New Year-themed filters and templates to your photos, giving them a fun and celebratory makeover.

Smarter Virtual Assistant and Model Coverage

Oppo’s virtual assistant is now smarter and more functional than ever thanks to AI. The company claims that it even has an answer suggestion for awkward questions asked by your family. It can also suggest recipes for festive dishes, help generate greetings, scripts, and other written content, and provide Spring Festival facts and trivia. The ColorOS AI New Year Edition update first covers the following models:

  • Find X7 series
  • Reno10 series
  • Find X6 series
  • Find N3 series
  • OnePlus 12
  • OnePlus 11
  • OnePlus Ace 3
  • Reno11
  • Reno11 Pro
  • OnePlus Ace 2
  • Ace 2 Pro

It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of this month, the Oppo Find N3 and X6 Pro mobile phones pushed the ColorOS update, which has already added functions such as intelligent call summary and AI elimination. With the push of the ColorOS AI New Year Edition, more Oppo and OnePlus smartphone users will experience this function.

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