CMF Phone 1 Accessories: Customization Options and Quirks

CMF Phone 1 Accessories: Customization Options and Quirks

The CMF Phone 1, a new release from Nothing’s sub-brand, is now available, featuring a unique back design that can be customized with various color panels. But the innovation extends beyond just the phone itself. CMF has introduced a range of accessories to enhance your experience with the CMF Phone 1. Let’s explore these accessories to see if they might be a valuable addition for you.

CMF Replaceable Back Covers

The standout feature of the CMF Phone 1 is its variety of replaceable back panels available in four colors: Black, Light Green, Orange, and Blue. These panels are designed to complement the overall aesthetic of the phone, and each one comes with matching wallpapers to further personalize your device.

Both the Black and Light Green panels offer a matte plastic finish for a sleek look, while the Orange and Blue panels come in a vegan leather finish, providing a premium appearance and comfortable grip. CMF includes matching SIM trays, rotating dials, and even screws with each panel to maintain a cohesive look. You can mix and match these components to create a unique style for your Phone 1.

Switching the back panels is straightforward: remove the rotating dial and screws, replace the existing back cover with the new one, and refit the components.

CMF Card Holder

The CMF Card Holder offers convenient storage for cards and cash, similar to MagSafe wallets for iPhones. However, it lacks built-in magnets. Instead, a separate magnetic plate, included with the case, must be screwed onto the phone’s back. This process may require longer screws, possibly adding bulk and affecting the phone’s handling.

Despite this, the magnets are strong, ensuring that the card case stays securely attached. The case is made of plastic with a soft, leather-like finish and has a magnetic lid for added security. Future accessories that utilize the magnetic back plate more seamlessly would be a welcome improvement.

CMF Lanyard Cable

The lanyard cable is a unique accessory designed for a specific audience. It features a neon orange rope and an adjustable length mechanism. While the term “cable” might be misleading, it essentially functions as a wearable strap for your phone.

This accessory is ideal for users who frequently misplace their phones or for those purchasing the CMF Phone 1 for older family members. Wearing the lanyard around the neck or shoulder minimizes the risk of losing the phone.

CMF Phone Stand

Among the CMF Phone 1 accessories, the CMF Phone Stand is arguably the most practical. It is a collapsible stand with a circular dial that screws into the phone’s back panel for secure attachment. The stand is made of plastic and is available in bright orange.

Considering the phone’s design, it would have been nice if CMF had offered stands and lanyards in colors matching the back covers. Personally, I prefer accessories that blend in rather than stand out. While the Phone 1 is flashy, matching accessories would create a more cohesive look.

Functionally, the stand allows for both portrait and landscape viewing modes. It can also be used alongside the card case accessory, as the back plate accommodates both attachments. Like the lanyard cable, attaching the stand requires screwing it into the phone’s back after removing the dial.

If you’re interested in creating matching lanyards, stands, or other attachments, you’re in luck. These separate accessories can be easily produced by case makers. Spigen appears to be interested in making accessories for the CMF Phone 1. Additionally, a user on X has designed a rough version of a camera grip, showcasing the potential for customization thanks to the phone’s modularity.

Shantanu Goel tweeted about printing accessories for the CMF Phone 1, including files shared by @getpeid / @cmfbynothing for phone cases and a rough design for a camera grip.

Nothing has also released documentation containing all the necessary details to allow you to 3D print your own back covers. You can learn more about it here.


The CMF Phone 1, with its promise of cool accessories and modular design, seemed like an exciting project, and seeing it in action has only reinforced that belief. You could create a lens attachment holder, a bike mount, or any number of other accessories. The possibilities are endless.

Overall, Nothing has achieved something impressive with the CMF Phone 1, especially given its budget-friendly price. The phone doesn’t skimp on specifications and offers customization options to change its design or expand its functionality.

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