China Mobile launches 5.5G, OPPO Find X7 series first to support

China Mobile launches 5.5G, OPPO Find X7 series first to support

China Mobile, a prominent telecommunications provider in China, has revealed the official rollout of its 5G-A (5G Advanced) network, also identified as 5.5G. The initial smartphones set to embrace this cutting-edge technology are from the OPPO Find X7 series.

Enhanced Network Capabilities with 5.5G

The 5.5G network boasts substantial enhancements over its predecessor, 5G, offering a network capacity that is ten times faster. Users can anticipate peak downlink rates reaching the tens of gigabits per second, along with latency levels measured in milliseconds. These advancements translate to quicker downloads, seamless streaming, and more responsive online gaming experiences.

Advancements in Connectivity and Integration

One of the primary objectives of this new technology is to enhance connection scale, facilitating a cost-effective trillion-level Internet of Things (IoT) network. Moreover, 5.5G integrates both air and space networks, potentially expanding coverage significantly.

Deployment and Expansion Plans

China Mobile asserts its pivotal role in establishing 5G-A standards and is preparing for the world's most extensive commercial deployment of this network in over 300 cities this year. The company also intends to introduce more than 20 5G-A compatible smartphones within the same timeframe.

To exhibit the capabilities of the new network, China Mobile has established 5G-A demonstration centers in various locations throughout China. Users equipped with the OPPO Find X7 Ultra can visit these facilities to get firsthand experience of the 5.5G network.

Gao Tongqing, Vice President of China Mobile, emphasized that this launch will expedite the progress of new information infrastructure and fully unleash the potential of 5G technology. Through collaborations with manufacturers and chip suppliers, the company aims to drive widespread adoption of 5.5G in China.

The initial wave of 100 cities to be equipped with commercial 5G-A networks includes key urban centers like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

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