CHERRY XTRFY Launches Ngale Series Gaming Microphones

CHERRY XTRFY Launches Ngale Series Gaming Microphones

CHERRY XTRFY, widely recognized for their gaming mice, has ventured into new territory with the introduction of the Ngale series microphones on May 28th. These microphones are crafted to meet the specific needs of gamers and live streamers.

Unique Design and Features

The Ngale R microphone distinguishes itself with a distinct retro design. This USB microphone comes with RGB lighting effects to seamlessly blend with your gaming or streaming setup. Muting the microphone is straightforward – just tap the top.

Equipped with a cardioid polar pattern, the Ngale R focuses on capturing audio directly in front, reducing background noise. Additionally, it includes a low-cut filter, a beneficial feature during intense gaming sessions to remove unwanted low-frequency sounds. The Ngale R is available at US$119.99.

Additional Accessories

CHERRY XTRFY has also introduced a dedicated microphone arm for the Ngale series, priced at US$99.99 (approximately RMB 725). This arm ensures optimal positioning of your microphone for clear audio capture.


The three CHERRY XTRFY Ngale series microphone products are now available for purchase, but only through international channels at the moment. While domestic availability has not been announced, these microphones present a promising option for gamers and streamers looking for a stylish and functional audio solution.

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