Caviar's New Space-Themed Watches Feature SpaceX Starship Fragment

Caviar’s New Space-Themed Watches Feature SpaceX Starship Fragment

Dubai’s luxury brand Caviar has introduced a new range of mechanical watches named the Space Tornado, drawing inspiration from the cosmic phenomena of space whirlwinds. This collection includes three models: Twin Spin, Stargazer X-Edition, and SkyWard.

The standout feature of the Stargazer X-Edition is a fragment of the SpaceX Starship mission spacecraft, embedded in the dial at the 12 o’clock position. Caviar sourced this fragment from a collector who gathered pieces of Starship in Boca Chica, Texas, USA, following a Starship crash in March 2024. This limited-edition model is priced at $6630.

Stargazer X-Edition

Caviar describes the Space Tornado collection as a “manifesto of boldness, a symbol of striving for the stars, and an invitation to possess a piece of infinity.” The watches feature tourbillon mechanisms designed to mimic whirlwinds, with the collection’s name referencing the massive vortices found on stars.

The Twin Spin, the most budget-friendly option in the collection, boasts two tourbillons and is priced at $6200. The SkyWard model features a skeletonized chronograph, allowing wearers to view the intricate watch mechanism. The SkyWard model is priced at $6910.


The Stargazer X-Edition is limited to just three pieces, while the other models are limited to 99 pieces each. Tourbillon mechanisms, invented by the legendary watchmaker Louis Breguet in 1795, are regarded as the pinnacle of watchmaking. The complexity involved in manufacturing tourbillon mechanisms makes watches that include them some of the most prestigious and costly timepieces available.

Caviar is famous for crafting high-end devices and mechanisms using rare materials and advanced technologies. Recently, they unveiled the limited-edition “Criss-Cross” iPad Pro 2024, inspired by Deadpool, starting at $12,200. Additionally, Caviar introduced a $44,000 Porsche eBike adorned with 18k gold, which comes with a complimentary iPhone 16.

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