Boult Soundbars BassBox X120 & X180 Available on Flipkart

Boult Soundbars BassBox X120 & X180 Available on Flipkart

Boult, a renowned tech brand in India, recently unveiled their latest innovation, the BassBox soundbars. These cutting-edge sound systems are crafted to revolutionize your home entertainment experience, catering to different room sizes with two distinct versions: the X120 for smaller spaces, boasting 120 RMS and 2 drivers, and the X180 for larger areas, featuring 180 RMS and 4 drivers. Each model is equipped with a wired subwoofer to deliver rich, deep bass and offers three EQ modes—Movie, Music, News—for personalized sound settings. Interested buyers can now find these dynamic soundbars available for purchase on Flipkart.

Superior Audio Quality with DSP Technology

The BassBox soundbars are engineered for top-notch audio performance, incorporating Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to ensure exceptional sound quality. Effortlessly manageable either through the soundbar controls or the provided remote, these sound systems present a robust 2.1 channel setup coupled with a range of connectivity choices, including Bluetooth 5.3, AUX, USB, Optical, and HDMI. This versatility allows seamless connections to a variety of devices such as smart TVs, computers, phones, and projectors, elevating your audio experience to new heights.

Pricing and Availability

If you're eager to enhance your home audio setup, the Boult BassBox X120 is priced at INR 4,999 ($62 USD), while the X180 model is available for INR 5,999 ($74 USD). To make a purchase, you can visit Flipkart's platform.

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