Bose Introduces Stylish Clip-On Ultra Open Earbuds at $300

Bose Introduces Stylish Clip-On Ultra Open Earbuds at $300

Bose has unveiled its latest limited-edition offering, the Ultra Open Earbuds, in partnership with fashion and lifestyle brand Kith. The marketing material for these earbuds was leaked prior to their official announcement at CES 2024. While the leak hinted at Bose's work on a new pair of earbuds, specific details about the product were not revealed.

Key Specs of Ultra Open Earbuds

Distinguishing itself with a unique clip-on design, the Ultra Open Earbuds allow users to easily attach them to their ears. This design bears some resemblance to Huawei's FreeClip headphones and presents a fresh approach to headphone usage.

The Ultra Open Earbuds are designed to strike a balance between enjoying music and remaining aware of one's surroundings. The innovative cuff-shaped design features soft, rounded edges, making these earbuds more of a stylish accessory than traditional headphones. The aim is to provide all-day comfort, and they can be effortlessly worn with hats, glasses, or jewelry.

Despite the appealing design, Bose has not yet disclosed key details such as battery life or waterproof capabilities. However, Kith's website mentions a "light-as-air grip," a flexible joint for easy wear, and a playtime of up to seven and a half hours. The earbuds also incorporate Bose's Immersive Audio technology for spatial sound.

The headphones and charging case proudly display the Kith brand logo, rendered in the iconic Bose font. This partnership marks Bose's first foray into the fashion realm and represents a significant departure from its usual product launches. Priced at $300, the Ultra Open Earbuds will be available in extremely limited quantities on Kith's online store and select physical stores starting from January 22.

Bose's Exploration of Open-Ear Headphones

In 2021, Bose introduced the Sport Open Earbuds, which featured a similar open-ear design. However, they received a lukewarm response from the market. Despite this, Bose remains committed to exploring the market potential for open-ear headphones and has taken a different design approach with the Ultra Open Earbuds.

Bose's Recent Ventures

Bose has been making notable moves in the audio industry. The company recently acquired a strategic stake in Indian audio brand Noise, with the goal of fostering innovation in audio technology through collaboration. Furthermore, Bose introduced the QuietComfort Ultra headphones in India earlier this month. These headphones boast features such as spatial audio, customizable sound profiles, and an impressive 24-hour battery life.

With the introduction of the Ultra Open Earbuds, Bose continues to push boundaries in the audio space, offering consumers unique and stylish options for their listening pleasure.

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