Black Ops 6 May Feature 9/11 Terrorist Attack Mission

Black Ops 6 May Feature 9/11 Terrorist Attack Mission

Call of Duty enthusiasts, there’s fresh news on the horizon. If you’re still buzzing from the release of Black Ops 6, get ready for more. According to a well-known gaming insider on Twitter, @dom_lucrea, the new game will feature a single-player campaign mission set during the harrowing events of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001. This fits with the game’s mysterious tagline, “The Truth Lies.” Specific details remain scarce, but it’s certainly a daring move by the publisher.

Upcoming Reveal Date

Activision has thrown a curveball with a surprise announcement for the latest Black Ops installment, keeping the release date, platforms, and gameplay details under wraps. However, one key date to note is June 10th, during the Xbox conference, when the game will be officially revealed.

Shifting Speculations

Earlier rumors hinted that the game, developed by Treyarch Studios, would explore the Gulf War of the 1990s, a decade before 9/11. With the official reveal approaching, it seems the actual storyline of Black Ops 6 might diverge from these initial speculations. Additionally, the game will be available on the Xbox Game Pass from day one, marking a significant first for Activision Blizzard. With Microsoft now steering the ship, we can anticipate more changes like this in the future.

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