Bad News: S23 Users Won't Get Ultra HDR Across Lineup

Bad News: S23 Users Won’t Get Ultra HDR Across Lineup

Google has introduced the innovative Ultra HDR technology alongside Android 14, a significant advancement for mobile photography. While some Android phone manufacturers have faced delays in implementing the Ultra HDR feature, the Samsung S24 Ultra stands out with its "Super HDR" feature.

Super HDR Exclusivity

The Galaxy S23 series will not feature the Super HDR technology, which Samsung introduced in collaboration with Google's Ultra HDR format. Initially available to Galaxy S24 users, Super HDR offers not only enhanced high dynamic range color viewing in photos but also improves colors in videos through unique proprietary algorithms.

Ultra HDR Advantages

The S24 Ultra showcases Google's Ultra HDR image format, which is saved in .jpg format. When viewed on an HDR screen, the image exhibits high dynamic range qualities, while on an SDR screen, the base image is displayed. An Ultra HDR image consists of a base image and an HDR gain map, ensuring that bright areas in the image appear vividly bright, while the base image is shown on SDR displays.

With the release of the One UI 6.1 update for the S23 series, Samsung extended the AI features found in the S24 series to the S23 line. However, the Super HDR feature will not be available to S23 users, meaning they will miss out on Samsung's exclusive image viewing algorithms for Super HDR.

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