Australian-designed Robot Challenges Zoom & Google Meet

Australian-designed Robot Challenges Zoom & Google Meet

Australian engineer Marita Cheng’s company, Aubot, has unveiled its latest creation, Teleport, a state-of-the-art teleconferencing robot set to transform long-distance communication globally. Since its establishment in 2013, Aubot, under Cheng's leadership, has been committed to developing technologies that enhance everyday life. The launch of Teleport in 2016 aligns with this mission, offering a novel approach to overcoming geographical barriers and fostering seamless communication.

Innovative Design and Functionality

Teleport is a sleek robot outfitted with a 10-inch screen and three wheels for enhanced mobility. Departing from conventional video conferencing setups, users can effortlessly maneuver Teleport using a laptop keyboard, ensuring a more user-friendly experience. Its versatility extends beyond professional settings, finding practical applications in education, family interactions, event planning, security protocols, and empowering individuals with disabilities.

Australian-designed Robot Challenges Zoom & Google Meet

Production and Quality Control

Crafted in Shenzhen, China, Teleport benefits from the region's proficiency in rapid prototyping and collaboration with suppliers. However, final assembly and rigorous quality checks occur in Melbourne, guaranteeing compliance with Aubot's stringent quality standards.

Marita Cheng's entrepreneurial odyssey is characterized by her efforts to shatter gender barriers within the tech sphere. Recognized as one of Forbes' World’s Top 50 Women in Tech in 2018, Cheng's inspiration for Aubot stems from her lifelong fascination with robotics and her ambition to effect positive societal change.

Advanced Features and Market Impact

Teleport boasts a comprehensive feature set, including a wide-angle lens, extended battery life, crystal-clear audio transmission, and obstacle avoidance sensors. These attributes render it adaptable and user-friendly across diverse settings. As Teleport enters the market, it heralds a paradigm shift in remote communication practices. Backed by its innovative design and Marita Cheng's unwavering resolve, Aubot is primed to leave a lasting imprint on the technological landscape.

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