ASUS Launches ROG Ryujin III WB Split Water Block with Display

ASUS Launches ROG Ryujin III WB Split Water Block with Display

ASUS has officially introduced the national version of the ROG Ryujin III WB split water block through their Weibo account on April 30, 2024. Despite the announcement, the product was not yet accessible for purchase on any online retail platforms at the time of writing.

The ROG Ryujin III WB water block is designed with a small copper alloy cold plate featuring 178 micro-cooling fins. It is structured based on an Asetek design and is compatible with Intel LGA 1700/1200/115X and AMD AM5/AM4 platforms.

Cooling Efficiency and Design

Similar to the Longshen 3 generation integrated water cooler, this split water block integrates a high-speed VRM cooling fan. Operating at a maximum speed of 5100 RPM, this fan is aimed at cooling the motherboard VRM by up to 35°C. It boasts a maximum air pressure of 5.53 mmH2O and a maximum air volume of 21.08 CFM.

Advanced Display Features

A standout feature of the ROG Ryujin III WB is its 3.5-inch, 60Hz refresh rate IPS LCD display. This screen is capable of showcasing essential hardware metrics like CPU frequency, voltage, water cooling fan speed, and flow rate. Additionally, users can personalize the display with custom animations, wallpapers, and visual content. Notably, the display can support uploads of up to 32MB and accommodate video content of up to 2000 frames.

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