ASUS ExpertBook P5 AI Notebook Debuts at Computex 2024

ASUS ExpertBook P5 AI Notebook Debuts at Computex 2024

Taiwanese tech powerhouse ASUS has unveiled the ExpertBook P5 notebook PC. This AI-driven device is being marketed as the next-generation AI computer designed to boost business efficiency and security, while also setting new standards in productivity. The ExpertBook P5 is part of an array of innovative models presented at Computex 2024.

Designed for Professionals

The ASUS ExpertBook P5 belongs to the Expert P series, tailored for professionals. It combines advanced AI capabilities with a sturdy and meticulously engineered design. As a flagship model, it underscores the brand's commitment to integrating state-of-the-art technology with sustainability, emphasizing new standards for future AI workstations.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Sustainability

ASUS claims the ExpertBook P5 is aimed at small office workers, ambitious prosumers, and entrepreneurial individuals. It features the latest advanced technologies and pays homage to ASUS's humble beginnings.

Founded around 35 years ago as a modest startup, ASUS understands the importance of providing professionals with top-tier technology to foster their growth and success. The ExpertBook P5 is powered by Intel Core Ultra Processors (codenamed Lunar Lake), delivering a scalable and seamless experience tailored to professional needs.

AI-Driven Features and Robust Security

The ExpertBook P5 includes intelligent AI-driven features that streamline workflow, simplifying complex tasks significantly. These AI applications encompass AI meetings, AI assistants, and AI creativity tools. Superior audio and video quality is ensured through AI-voiceprint technology, which eliminates background noise and isolates the user's voice for enhanced clarity.

The notebook supports real-time co-editing and generative meeting notes for smooth teamwork. Its meeting transcript feature supports multiple languages, ensuring clear communication during meetings. The AI computer is fortified with the Windows 11 Secured-core PC framework, BIOS compliant with NIST-155 standards, and optional TPM 2.0. It boasts military-grade durability, an advanced cooling system, reinforced hinges, and is rated as drop-resistant.

Launch and Availability

The ASUS ExpertBook P5 is set to launch later this year (Q3) and will be accompanied by a three-year warranty. Detailed availability and pricing information will be announced later.

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