Android 15 Boosts Battery Standby by 3 Hours with Faster Doze Mode

Android 15 Boosts Battery Standby by 3 Hours with Faster Doze Mode

At the recent Google I/O developer conference, Google introduced several new features for Android 15, focusing on enhancing user privacy and security. However, one of the standout features promises to improve battery life for all users.

Enhanced Doze Mode

Android 15 brings an optimization to Doze mode, a feature already embedded in the operating system designed to conserve battery when the phone is not in use. The key improvement is the speed at which devices enter Doze mode. Google claims that devices running Android 15 will enter Doze mode 50% faster than those on Android 14.

Doze mode conserves battery by limiting background activities and app access to system resources when the phone is idle for extended periods. This results in reduced battery drain, particularly from apps that may run unnecessary background processes.

Battery Life Impact

According to Google's internal tests, the quicker activation of Doze mode could result in up to three additional hours of standby time on some devices. However, the exact benefit may vary depending on the hardware and usage patterns of the specific device.

This enhancement will be available for all devices updating to Android 15, leading to a general improvement in battery life across the board.

Wear OS 6 Integration

In addition, this feature is expected to be included in Wear OS 6, the upcoming version of the smartwatch operating system based on Android 15. Although a release date for Wear OS 6 hasn’t been confirmed yet, it is anticipated to launch sometime next year.

The improvements to Doze mode in Android 15 mark a significant step toward better battery management for Android users. While the exact impact may vary from device to device, the faster transition to Doze mode offers a promising enhancement for extending standby battery life.

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