Ampler Introduces New Lightweight All-Terrain Commuter E-Bikes

Ampler Introduces New Lightweight All-Terrain Commuter E-Bikes

Ampler Bikes recently unveiled a fresh range of electric bikes tailored for all-terrain expeditions. These novel electric bikes by Ampler are an expansion of the conventional Ampler models, which were not initially crafted for off-road ventures.

Innovative Features

Ampler, an Estonian enterprise, has been making waves in the European market with its range of practical e-bikes. The latest all-terrain electric bikes, characterized by their sleek and lightweight design, exemplify Ampler's manufacturing prowess. These models boast a minimalist aesthetic, designed as straightforward commuter bikes. Equipped with advanced connected technology and top-notch components, Ampler's bikes feature a lightweight build, leading to streamlined batteries and components that require minimal maintenance.

Cutting-Edge Design and Functionality

Blending modern technology with a classic bicycle design, the latest Ampler e-bike facilitates easier and quicker pedaling. Representing Ampler's inaugural non-purely e-bike for urban mobility, the lineup includes the Ampler Curt and the Ampler Curt Anyroad, each offered in diamond and low-step frames. The Curt Anyroad variant, with its robust tires, sophisticated 10-speed drivetrain, and fork mounts, caters to both on-road and off-road excursions, including bike-packing trips.

Versatile Options and Specifications

The Ampler Curt Low-Step and Curt Anyroad Low-Step models are accessible in S and M frame sizes, while the rest of the lineup ranges from XS to L frame sizes. Additional choices include the Ampler Axel and Ampler Juna, featuring either single-speed Gates carbon belt drives or 9-speed/10-speed Microshift transmission setups. Weighing between 14.5kg and 17kg, these e-bikes rank among the lightest urban models available. Various color options are on offer, including fresh hues not seen in previous models.

Pricing Details

The Ampler Curt e-bikes start at €2,790 ($3,690), with higher-end models reaching up to €3,690 ($4,020). As of now, availability information for the new Ampler commuter and all-terrain e-bikes is limited to European markets only.

Ampler Introduces New Lightweight All-Terrain Commuter E-Bikes
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