Acer Predator Blade Neo Gaming Laptop Price Revealed

Acer Predator Blade Neo Gaming Laptop Price Revealed

The Acer Predator Blade Neo gaming laptop is set to debut on on April 8th, with pricing details now unveiled for the upcoming models. This series boasts impressive features, including the latest Core Ultra processor and an RTX 4060 graphics card. Interested buyers will have a choice between two configurations:

  • Ultra 5 125H / RTX 4060 / 16GB / 1TB priced at 8499 yuan
  • Ultra 7 155H / RTX 4060 / 16GB / 1TB priced at 8999 yuan (approximately $1250 USD)

Predator Neo AI Features

The Predator Neo, previously launched abroad and known as the Predator Triton Neo 16 in other regions, is celebrated for its sleek and lightweight design. With a thickness of just 18.82mm and weighing 2.05kg, it offers portability without compromising on performance. Crafted with an aluminum alloy body, the laptop exudes a sophisticated appeal.

Powerful Performance and AI Capabilities

Under the hood, the laptop houses a potent combination of the Core Ultra processor and RTX 4060 graphics card, along with 16GB of memory for seamless functionality. The inclusion of advanced AI features provides up to 686 TOPS of local AI computing power, enabling tasks such as background noise reduction during voice chats.

Impressive Display and Cooling System

The highlight of the Predator Neo is its 16-inch display, boasting a 2.5K resolution and a rapid 240Hz refresh rate for an exceptionally smooth visual experience, ideal for demanding gaming sessions. With 100% DCI-P3 color coverage and Calman color correction, the display offers vibrant colors. Additionally, G-SYNC technology enhances the gaming experience by providing a competitive edge.

To ensure optimal performance, the laptop features an innovative cooling system equipped with specialized fans, liquid metal heat conduction, and heat pipes. Acer has not specified the exact thermal capacity of this system. The Predator Neo is complemented by a 76Wh battery, a robust 230W charger for sustained usage, and a Killer AX1675i wireless network card for lag-free online gaming. Acer provides buyers with a 3-year warranty inclusive of on-site service and a 1-year global warranty for added peace of mind.

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