Samsung receives "special pricing" offer from MediaTek for its chips

Samsung receives “special pricing” offer from MediaTek for its chips

MediaTek is reportedly offering Samsung a discounted deal on its chips for use in budget-friendly phones, in an attempt to challenge Qualcomm’s dominance in the market. While it is unlikely that Samsung will use MediaTek chips in its premium Galaxy S series due to an existing agreement with Qualcomm, there are rumors that the Korean tech giant might consider using MediaTek processors in its more affordable smartphones.

MediaTek’s Potential Win

If this deal materializes, it would be a significant win for MediaTek, as Samsung is the world’s largest Android smartphone manufacturer. Reliable tipster Revegnus wrote on Twitter that MediaTek has offered special pricing exclusively for Samsung, suggesting that Samsung’s budget lineup may expand its use of MediaTek processors.

Usage in Budget Smartphone Lineup

These MediaTek processors are expected to be used in Samsung’s budget smartphone lineup, particularly in the entry-level models of the A, M, and F-series. However, recent sightings on benchmarking sites indicate that mid-range smartphones in the A and M-series might still use Exynos processors.

Qualcomm’s Strong Position

Currently, Qualcomm holds a strong position in the high-end smartphone market, while MediaTek has established dominance in the budget segment. If Samsung chooses to use MediaTek processors for its budget phones, Qualcomm will face a formidable challenge in outperforming MediaTek in this particular market.

Potential Partnership Benefits

A partnership with Samsung would not only increase MediaTek’s market share but would also open new doors for future collaborations with Samsung. However, it is important to note that this is just a rumor, and Samsung has not confirmed any plans to use MediaTek chips in its smartphones. Stay tuned for further updates on this matter.

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