Apple Surpassed by Huawei as China's Top-selling Smartphone Brand in Early 2024

Apple Surpassed by Huawei as China’s Top-selling Smartphone Brand in Early 2024

Huawei experienced an exciting growth in the Chinese smartphone market in 2023. Recently IDC report revealed that Huawei’s shipments increased by 36.2% in Q4, 2023 making it the fourth-largest smartphone brand in China.

Huawei Tops Smartphone Sales in China in 2024

A new report by Counterpoint Research now reveals that Huawei has clinched the top spot in smartphone sales during the first two weeks of 2024.

The achievement is particularly noteworthy, not just because it has surpassed Apple, but also because it’s the first time since the 2019 US ban that Huawei has secured the leading position in terms of smartphone sales in China.

Mate 60 Series Key to Huawei’s Success

As expected, the Mate 60 series is the key to Huawei’s recent success in the Chinese market. Launched last year, the smartphones feature a Kirin 9000S processor and Harmony OS operating system. Mate 60 series is still said to be in high demand in the mainland, according to local distributors.

Huawei’s Ambitious Plans for Harmony OS NEXT

Looking ahead, the company has ambitious plans to launch Harmony OS NEXT; an operating system with Huawei’s own kernel which will phase out Android app support completely. Expected to launch by the end of 2024, its success will have a significant impact on Huawei’s smartphone business.

Nova 12 Series Boosts Sales

Except for the Mate 60, the Nova 12 series launched back in December has also helped Huawei to increase its sales numbers. These are all mid-range smartphones powered by Kirin processors, except for the Nova 12 Lite which has a Snapdragon 778G 4G chip inside.

Chinese Brands Chipping Away at Apple’s Market Share

According to a Counterpoint report, the high-end smartphone market in China saw a growth of 27% in 2023. While Apple continues to hold the top position, Huawei and other Chinese brands have been gradually chipping away at Apple’s market share since the third quarter of 2023.

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