Stable ColorOS 14 Update Now Available for Oppo K10 5G and Oppo A77 5G

Stable ColorOS 14 Update Now Available for Oppo K10 5G and Oppo A77 5G

After the Early Access and Open Beta build, the Color OS 14 official version is now rolling out for both the Oppo K10 5G in India and the Oppo A77 5G in Australia. The ColorOS 14 stable update for the Oppo A77 5G is already available in India. Interested users need to hurry, as the update is available on an invite basis. The user needs to apply to get the official version of ColroOS 14 on either of the devices.

Exciting New Features and Fixes

Some massive new features and fixes are part of the latest update. Along with the luxuries of Android 14, Oppo is bringing some exciting additions to the ColorOS 14. The new Aquamorphic design and the Drag-and-Drop functionality are surely set to elevate the user experience. Below is the official changelog for ColorOS 14:

Aquamorphic Design:

  • Enhanced sound effects, color systems, and interactions.
  • Introduction of ten new Aquamorphic-themed ringtones for calls, alarms, and notifications.
  • Dynamically adjusting Aquamorphic Coloring System for a more intuitive experience.
  • Aqua Dynamics design simplifies interactions, extending to the Status Bar.

Revamped Always-On Display (AOD):

  • Homeland AOD showcases nature scenes, including a Go Green AOD for climate change awareness.
  • Environment Vision pages linked to daily step counts.

Smart Touch and Seamless Content Sharing:

  • AI-powered Smart Touch streamlines daily tasks.
  • File Dock on Smart Sidebar for seamless content sharing, supporting split-screen and floating windows.

Smart Image Matting and Trinity Engine Upgrade:

  • Smart Image Matting separates subjects from images or paused video frames.
  • Trinity Engine upgrade boosts device smoothness and stability.

AI-powered Smart Charging and Privacy Assurance:

  • Smart Charging adjusts charging current based on usage conditions, reducing unnecessary battery wear.
  • Prioritizes safety and privacy, integrating Android 14’s capabilities.
  • Picture Keeper prevents apps from misusing permissions.

Snapchat Integration:

  • Integration with Bitmoji AOD for faster app navigation and updates on messages and friend activities.

How to Apply for an Update

To apply for the update, there are a few prerequisites to keep in mind. Firstly, the user should backup important data, as the update may erase all the important personal data. Additionally, some apps may have compatibility issues with the latest Android 14-based update, so it’s important to update all the apps. For the Oppo K10 5G and Oppo A77 5G, both must be running Firmware C.44/C.43/C.41/C.40/C.39 to get the Android 14 update.

To apply for the update, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > About device > Tap the top of the page > Tap the icon on the top right > Trial versions > Official version > Apply Now.
  2. Fill in your information, and then the Oppo employees will verify and approve your device for the update.
  3. After a successful application, proceed to update your device by going to About Device and selecting “Download Now.”

The update for both smartphones will be live on January 25. We advise the users to check the prerequisites and check the announcement thread (Oppo A77 5G here and Oppo K10 5G here).

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