Samsung Smart Glasses Design Revealed in Latest Patent

Samsung Smart Glasses Design Revealed in Latest Patent

We’ve been hearing about Samsung‘s smart glasses for some time now, and the company even trademarked the name “Galaxy Glasses” back in 2023. In a new development, Samsung has now filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization for its smart glasses.

Uncovered by Patently Apple, the patent reveals the potential design of Samsung’s smart glasses alongside its charging case.

Details of Samsung's Smart Glasses

The design of the glasses closely resembles regular spectacles, but the patent discloses specific technical aspects. The lenses are visibly in their default position, while the left rim features magnetic connection points enabling the glasses to charge when placed on their cover. The batteries, as illustrated in FIG.6, are housed within each temple tip.

Focus on Physical Design

Interestingly, the patent does not reference cameras or sensors, common components in XR devices. It is possible that this particular patent concentrates solely on the physical structure. Samsung might separately file subsequent patents addressing the more intricate technical elements of the invention.

Internal Configuration and Charging Case Design

Moreover, internal configurations of the wearable device are depicted in image FIG. 4B within the patent, while images FIG. 7B and 7C showcase the design of the charging case.

While the patent offers some insights, it remains uncertain whether Samsung will proceed to launch this product. Many patented concepts do not materialize into actual products. Further leaks or official announcements from Samsung are likely needed to gain a clearer understanding of their intentions.

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