Samsung denies any intention of releasing a mid-range foldable device

Samsung denies any intention of releasing a mid-range foldable device

Samsung Dismisses Rumors of Affordable Foldable Smartphone

Samsung has put an end to speculation about the launch of a more affordable foldable smartphone. Earlier reports suggested that the tech giant was planning to introduce a mid-range device to make foldable technology more accessible. However, a recent statement from a Samsung Electronics spokesperson contradicts these claims.

Maintaining a Premium Appearance

Samsung’s journey into foldable smartphones began with the Galaxy Fold, followed by models like the Z Fold and Z Flip series. Although the initial prices were high, subsequent models have seen some price reductions. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 now starts at $1,799, while the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is priced at $999. Surprisingly, both the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 will maintain the same price tag as their predecessors.

Contradicting Reports

Earlier reports suggested that Samsung planned to release an “entry-level foldable smartphone under 1 million won” (around $800 USD) by 2024. This strategy aimed to make foldable technology more accessible by excluding premium features and focusing on core functions. However, the latest statement from a Samsung Electronics spokesperson denies these reports.

Sticking to the Premium Segment

The spokesperson clarified that Samsung has no plans to manufacture mid-range foldable smartphones and deemed the rumors groundless. This statement emphasizes Samsung’s commitment to keeping its foldable devices in the premium segment. The company aims to strike a balance between cutting-edge technology and pricing.

No Decisions Made

While the possibility of Samsung expanding its foldable portfolio with new models remains uncertain, the company has not made any decisions about introducing a mid-range foldable phone. The spokesperson stated, “There’s nothing decided on the matter,” leaving room for speculation about potential future developments.

Increasing Competition

The foldable market has recently become more competitive with Google’s entry into the market with the Pixel Fold. This adds pressure on established players like Samsung. Furthermore, rumors of Apple preparing to enter the foldable market indicate that the landscape is evolving rapidly.

Commitment to the Premium Segment

In conclusion, Samsung’s latest statement confirms its commitment to the premium segment for foldable smartphones. Although the idea of a more affordable foldable device garnered interest, Samsung appears focused on maintaining the premium appearance of their foldable devices in the current market scenario.

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