Nothing Phone (2a) Green Line Issue: Software Update or Hardware?

Nothing Phone (2a) Green Line Issue: Software Update or Hardware?

London-based tech company Nothing has recently launched the budget-friendly Nothing Phone (2a) in various markets, including India. Initially, the phone had several performance and camera issues, but Nothing has addressed most of these through multiple updates. However, the notorious "green line issue" has now appeared on the Phone (2a).

Green Line Issue Emerges

This problem is familiar to smartphones using OLED displays. Previous cases have shown brands like Samsung, Motorola, and OnePlus dealing with similar issues. An X (formerly Twitter) user has shared photos and a video of a Phone (2a) exhibiting a vertical green line on the right side of the screen. The device in question also has the latest Nothing OS 2.5.5.a update, released around 19 days ago. This seems to be the first known instance of a green line appearing on the Phone (2a).

Potential Causes and Observations

The user did not mention when or how the issue started. Notably, many green line problems on OnePlus and Samsung phones have emerged following software updates. While brands have not explicitly explained this, investigations suggest that software updates may change display parameters, like voltage settings, causing an electrical fault in the display that appears as a green line of dead pixels.

There are other possible reasons for these green lines, including physical damage from dropping, bending, or applying too much pressure on the display. Additionally, damage or defects in the display connector or the flex cable connecting to the motherboard can also cause this issue.

Current Status

Regarding the Nothing Phone (2a), no other reports of the green line issue have been found on X or the Nothing Community forums, indicating that this might be an isolated case for now. Stay tuned for further updates on this matter.

Nothing Phone (2a) Green Line Issue: Software Update or Hardware?
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