Masimo reveals the Freedom smartwatch featuring blood oxygen monitoring following the Apple Watch prohibition

Masimo reveals the Freedom smartwatch featuring blood oxygen monitoring following the Apple Watch prohibition

Masimo, the company that previously sued Apple for proprietary infringement, has recently unveiled its latest smartwatch called the Masimo Freedom. This new smartwatch is a significant step for Masimo as it expands its focus from being solely a medical technology company to now incorporating consumer-friendly gadgets. While Masimo had previously released the Masimo W1 smartwatch in 2023, which was more health-centered, the Freedom smartwatch has the potential to attract a broader customer base.

The Masimo Freedom prototype was showcased at CES 2024, and it stands out from the Apple Watch with its distinct design. The smartwatch features a round display and a navigation touchbar on the right-hand side, along with a button for selecting objects. Masimo is intentionally creating its own unique identity to avoid any potential patent infringements from Apple. The company aims to emphasize the accuracy of its health monitoring technology through the design of the Freedom smartwatch. According to Masimo, its blood oxygen monitoring is more accurate compared to its competitors. It claims to account for various factors that can affect readings, such as low perfusion, motion, skin pigmentation, or poor blood flow.

In addition to blood oxygen monitoring, the Masimo Freedom smartwatch offers a range of other health features. These include tracking hydration index, pulse rate variability, pulse rate, respiration rate, and even detecting when a user falls over. Alongside these advanced health monitoring capabilities, the smartwatch also includes standard functionalities like sleep tracking. It continuously monitors vital signs on a per-second basis, making it an excellent choice for the elderly or individuals who require constant health monitoring.

As for pricing and availability, the Masimo Freedom smartwatch is expected to be released later this year. However, there may be some deviations from the prototype's specifications. The projected cost of the smartwatch is $999, but it is important to note that Masimo is currently awaiting FDA approval for its health features. Interested customers can reserve the Masimo Freedom through the Masimo website by placing a $100 deposit.

Overall, the Masimo Freedom smartwatch represents a significant expansion for the company into the consumer-friendly gadget market. With its focus on accurate health monitoring and a range of advanced features, it has the potential to appeal to a wide range of users. As Masimo continues to innovate and push the boundaries of wearable technology, it will be interesting to see how the Freedom smartwatch performs in the market.

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