India receives Android 14 beta update for Moto G54 5G

India receives Android 14 beta update for Moto G54 5G

Motorola’s Moto G54 5G smartphone users in India are now receiving the Android 14 beta update. This development was reported after a user, known as MotoFanboy, posted an image online with the caption “A14 MFN on G54 India.” The image indicates that the Moto G54 5G has begun receiving the Android 14 beta version, including security updates until December 1, 2023.

Android 14 Beta Update for Moto G54 5G

The update, with a size of 1.62 GB, comes with firmware version U1TD34.68. Since Motorola likes to keep things clean and pretty close to stock Android, we can expect a majority of features that launched on the stock Android 14 to be onboard the Moto G54 5G beta build.

What’s New in Android 14


  • Deeper Material You theming: You can now customize even more elements of your phone’s look and feel, like lock screen clock styles, app icons, and notification bubbles.
  • Custom lock screen shortcuts: Add quick access to your most used features like QR reader or Google Home directly on your lock screen.
  • Curated lock screen themes: Choose from a selection of pre-made themes that adapt to your wallpaper and preferences.


  • Larger fonts: Scale text up to 200% for improved readability.
  • Non-linear font scaling: This ensures that only the text you need gets bigger, preventing layout issues.
  • Improved hearing aid support: Fine-tune your hearing aid settings directly from your phone.

Security and Privacy:

  • Advanced memory protection: This helps shield your device from exploits on Armv9 silicon.
  • Granular app permissions: Control exactly what data each app can access.
  • Disable insecure connections: Opt for only encrypted cellular connections for better security.

Other Cool Features:

  • Ultra HDR photos: Capture stunning photos with more vibrant colors and deeper contrast.
  • Improved camera extensions: Apps can now handle longer processing times for better image quality.
  • Better multitasking on foldables and tablets: Take advantage of the larger screen with improved window resizing and app compatibility.
  • Automatic URL pairing with screenshots: Share screenshots with embedded links to the webpage they came from.

Currently, there is no information available regarding when the Moto G54 will receive the stable version of Android 14.

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