Honor MagicPad 2 Launches July 12 with 3K 144Hz OLED Display

Honor MagicPad 2 Launches July 12 with 3K 144Hz OLED Display

Honor has officially announced the upcoming release of the Honor MagicPad 2! Previously, we shared the news about Honor’s new MagicPad tablet. Now, Honor has confirmed that the MagicPad 2 will debut on July 12.

While the full spec sheet isn’t available yet, Honor has revealed some key display features of the MagicPad 2. The tablet will boast a 12.3-inch OLED display with a 3K resolution and a 144 Hz refresh rate. A teaser image shared by Honor shows the tablet’s sleek and thin design.

Honor MagicPad 2 Display

The 3K resolution on a 12.3-inch screen promises an incredibly sharp viewing experience. Additionally, the Honor MagicPad 2 is expected to feature 4320 Hz PWM dimming. High-frequency dimming, which was first introduced in the Honor Magic 6 series, ensures a flicker-free display, making it healthier for your eyes.

July 12 – MagicPad 2 Launch Date

The Honor MagicPad 2 is expected to be unveiled alongside Honor Magic V3. Honor also released teaser images for the Magic V3 today. Both devices are anticipated to be highly premium offerings. Honor Magic V3 is a foldable phone that will feature Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. The upcoming phone will feature a 50 MP main camera and a 3.5x zoom telephoto camera. Additionally, it has been previously revealed that the phone will have satellite connectivity. While details about the MagicPad 2 are still limited, we now know that the tablet will be officially unveiled on July 12.

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