Apple's Blood-Oxygen Smartwatch Resale Delayed Until 2028

Apple’s Blood-Oxygen Smartwatch Resale Delayed Until 2028

There's positive news for Apple Watch users in the United States who are missing the blood oxygen monitoring feature. Recent developments suggest a potential return, although the timeline remains uncertain and could be lengthy.

Apple's Efforts to Overturn the Ban

Apple is making efforts to appeal the ban that led to the removal of the blood oxygen monitoring feature. This move could pave the way for an earlier reinstatement of the functionality.

Following a lawsuit from Masimo regarding the infringement of pulse oximetry technology, Apple faced restrictions on the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. Documents from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection hint that Apple may be able to resume selling watches with the blood oxygen feature by August 2028, coinciding with the expiration of the patent in question.

Ongoing Challenges and Future Outlook

Apart from the patent expiration, Apple is challenging the ban set by the U.S. International Trade Commission, potentially leading to a quicker return of the blood oxygen functionality. However, the absence of a settlement between Apple and Masimo poses a significant hurdle. Masimo is concerned about potential misuse through jailbroken iPhones and is pushing for stricter preventive measures.

The situation remains complex, and the lack of a licensing agreement between the parties adds to the uncertainty. The potential financial implications for Apple are significant, given the popularity of Apple Watches among its product lineup. The outcome remains to be seen, but for now, users will have to wait for updates on the reintroduction of blood-oxygen-measuring Apple Watches to the market. Stay tuned for further developments!

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