Xiaomi Fimi Mini 3 Drone: 4K Recording, 32min Flight, Only $276

Xiaomi Fimi Mini 3 Drone: 4K Recording, 32min Flight, Only $276

Xiaomi's sub-brand Fimi has introduced the MINI 3 drone on Xiaomi Youpin. This new drone model offers 4K resolution recording and boasts a flight time of 32 minutes per charge. It is lightweight and portable, making it convenient to use anywhere you go. The Fimi MINI 3 also comes in a dual-battery version for extended flying sessions.

The MINI 3 features a Sony ½-inch 48MP CMOS sensor capable of capturing 4K @60fps and synthetic 8K time-lapse videos. It has a 12x digital zoom function for enhanced video clarity. The drone utilizes SoLink high-definition digital image transmission technology, allowing real-time transmission over distances up to 9 kilometers. It supports dual-band 2.4G and 5.3G switching within this range and has a latency of just 120ms. Additionally, its AI super night scene feature improves the signal-to-noise ratio by approximately 400% compared to traditional ISPs.

Lightweight and User-Friendly

Weighing in at 250g, the Fimi MINI 3 does not require a flight permit or examination in most areas. It includes a built-in battery that can be charged at 27W PD, providing a maximum battery life of 32 minutes.

The drone is equipped with a professional imaging and flight control system, aiding users in creating stable and impressive time-lapse photography. Its gimbal can automatically capture multiple angles, and the companion app smartly synthesizes stunning panoramic views. The model includes a vertical shooting mode for vertical screen devices and a Tail mode for intelligent flight, one-click tail flicks, and mirror flight.

Safety and Pricing

For safe flying, the Fimi MINI 3 includes several protections such as RTH automatic return, GPS real-time monitoring, auto-hovering in No-Fly zones, strong wind warnings, and low battery return prompts.

The pricing for the Fimi MINI 3 varies based on the battery and insurance options. The single-battery version is priced at 1,999 yuan ($276), and with insurance, it costs 2,399 yuan ($331). The dual-battery version is available for 2,299 yuan ($317) without insurance and 2,699 yuan ($372) with insurance.

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