Vivo V40 Series: Key Details Leaked (Exclusive)

Vivo V40 Series: Key Details Leaked (Exclusive)

Vivo, known for its strong presence in the smartphone market, is preparing to launch new devices in the mid-range category. The new "V series" smartphones from Vivo have been spotted in our database.

Earlier this year, Vivo introduced the V30 series. Many anticipated that the next models would be called V31 or V33. However, Vivo has opted to launch the V40 Series instead, marking a new chapter for their smartphone lineup.

Vivo’s New Mid-Range Lineup: Vivo V40 Series

The technical details of the Vivo V40 series remain under wraps. Nonetheless, we know that the lineup will include three models: Vivo V40 Pro, Vivo V40, and Vivo V40e. Expectations are high, especially after a Vivo executive hinted that the V40 series would be a completely new lineup. This revelation might explain the decision to go with the "V40" naming for the upcoming series.

Vivo V40 Pro V2347

The Vivo V40 Pro, identified by the model number V2347, follows the Vivo V30 Pro which had the model number V2319. Although specific details are scarce, the statement from the Vivo executive gives us reason to anticipate great things from this model and its siblings. While Vivo's Y series caters to budget-conscious buyers, the V series aims at the mid-range market. The V40 series could emerge as a significant player in the Android mid-range segment.

Vivo V40 V2348 and Vivo V40e V2403

Returning to the Vivo V40 series, the Vivo V40 has the model number "V2348" and the Vivo V40e is listed as V2403. For comparison, the previous Vivo V30 model had the number V2318, and the Vivo V30e was V2339.

The upcoming Vivo V40 series has stirred considerable excitement. We anticipate these phones will feature powerful processors, advanced camera systems, and state-of-the-art fast charging technology. Given that the V30 series was launched earlier in 2024, a late-year release for the V40 series seems plausible. Stay tuned for more updates.

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