Smartwatch Business Says Farewell, Fossil Bids Goodbye

Smartwatch Business Says Farewell, Fossil Bids Goodbye

Fossil, the popular fashion brand, has recently announced its departure from the smartwatch business. This decision comes after years of involvement in the industry, with Fossil being one of the early adopters of Google's Wear OS. While other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) showed little interest in the smartwatch operating system, Fossil remained committed. However, the company has now decided to redirect its resources and focus on its core strengths and segments that offer strong growth opportunities.

Fossil's exit from the smartwatch business not only affects its main brand but also its sub-brands, including Skagen and Diesel, which have also released smartwatches. The latest smartwatch from Fossil, the Gen 6, which was introduced in 2021, will be the brand's final offering in this category.

Amanda Castelli, a spokesperson for Fossil, explained that the smartwatch landscape has significantly evolved over the past few years, leading to this strategic decision. Fossil has experienced the ups and downs of Wear OS, but the collaboration between Google and Samsung to develop Wear OS 3, based on Android 11, marked a turning point for the industry.

Despite the exit from the smartwatch business, Fossil has assured its customers that it will continue to support and update its existing Wear OS watches for the next few years. Fossil smartwatches have been known for their hybrid design, combining minimalist and fashion-centric elements with smart and fitness features. Although the company had plans to release the Gen 7 smartwatch last year, it became apparent that those plans had changed.

Reports from Reddit users had already hinted at Fossil's departure from the smartwatch market, and now it has been confirmed. Fossil's presence in the smartwatch segment will be missed, leaving Withings as the sole brand offering hybrid smartwatches in the market.

Fossil's decision to exit the smartwatch business reflects the ever-changing nature of the industry. As technology continues to advance, companies must adapt and focus on their core strengths to remain competitive. While Fossil may no longer be a player in the smartwatch market, its impact and contribution to the industry should not be forgotten.

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