Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Rumored Blood Sugar Monitoring Feature

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Rumored Blood Sugar Monitoring Feature

Leaks and speculation have been intensifying regarding the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 series, which is anticipated to consist of three models, a departure from the usual two-model lineup. A recent report from South Korea has unveiled a crucial health monitoring feature that could potentially be integrated into the upcoming wearables. Samsung's Senior Vice President, Hon Pak, engaged in discussions with the Samsung Health advisory board members, focusing primarily on blood sugar monitoring and the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) into the wearables.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 to Potentially Feature Blood Sugar Monitoring

During these discussions, there are expectations that Samsung might introduce a blood sugar monitoring feature in the forthcoming Galaxy Watch 7 series. Similar health tracking functionalities are reportedly being explored by other wearable manufacturers like Apple. The inclusion of blood sugar monitors holds significance not only for individuals with diabetes but also for those without the condition seeking to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

In January of this year, Hon Pak hinted at the possibility of integrating blood sugar monitoring into future wearable devices due to their ability to provide continuous measurements. Moreover, these monitors are non-invasive, eliminating the need for skin punctures and blood extraction, thereby simplifying the monitoring process for users. Consequently, the incorporation of blood sugar monitoring is poised to be a notable advancement in future wearable technology.

Potential Inclusion of Blood Sugar Monitoring in Samsung Galaxy Watch 7

Although the official Samsung press release does not explicitly reference the Galaxy Watch 7, the likelihood of a blood sugar monitor being featured in the upcoming devices is increasing. It remains to be seen whether this feature will be available across all models or restricted to specific variants. The company may opt to classify the smartwatch as an electronic device rather than a medical device, possibly due to regulatory considerations.

Samsung's upcoming Unpacked event is scheduled to take place on July 10.

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