Rumors Suggest a Completely Fresh Design for the Upcoming Xbox

Rumors Suggest a Completely Fresh Design for the Upcoming Xbox

Are we getting a new Xbox look? Apparently, Microsoft is making a big change in who’s designing the next Xbox console, and it’s causing quite a stir in the gaming community. Instead of the team that brought us the Xbox Series X, it looks like the Surface division at Microsoft will take over. What a coincidence that we are getting this news at a time when Xbox is trying to catch up with Sony‘s PS5, which has been outselling it by a wide margin. All thanks to exclusives, and some other factors, if we’re being honest.

The Surface Division for Microsoft will foresee the next Xbox’s design

The cosole hasn’t been selling as well as Microsoft hoped, and they’re expecting sales to drop even more in 2024. Despite not sharing sales numbers for a while, Microsoft revealed that the Xbox Series X and Series S have sold a total of 21 million units, which is about half of what the PS5 has sold.

Nick Baker, an industry insider, shared on The XboxEra Podcast that the design team change may be happening. This could mean we might have to wait longer for the next Xbox console, especially if they’re starting from scratch with the design.

Why the move to the Surface team?

But why move the project to the Surface team? It could be because there’s a rumor about a new handheld Xbox device. The Surface team is known for making high-quality portable devices, so if Microsoft is planning a handheld Xbox, it makes sense to have them work on it.

However, there’s been some mixed information about this rumored handheld Xbox. Some say it’ll be cheaper and less powerful than the next-gen Xbox, while others say it’ll be just as powerful but more expensive. It’s hard to know what to believe, but Microsoft has said they’re committed to making new Xbox hardware. The big change could mean exciting things for Xbox fans, especially if it leads to newer, modern devices like a handheld version. We’ll have to wait and see what Microsoft has up its sleeve.

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