iOS 18: Advanced AI Features Might Miss Launch, Says Ming-Chi Kuo

iOS 18: Advanced AI Features Might Miss Launch, Says Ming-Chi Kuo

Just before the WWDC24 event, industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shares his insights about iOS 18 and Apple’s forthcoming announcements. There have been ongoing discussions about Apple integrating AI features into its future devices. Kuo confirms that the company is set to reveal several AI advancements. The WWDC24 keynote session is scheduled to begin at 10:30 PM IST on June 10 (today).

AI Integration in iOS 18

Kuo anticipates that Apple will embed robust functionalities throughout iOS 18 and its system applications. Siri, Apple’s AI assistant, is expected to receive a significant upgrade, as previously reported. However, Kuo points out that the capabilities of on-device AI functions will be constrained by the 8GB memory size, which is insufficient for the large language model. To address this, Apple plans to merge local and server-side LLMs for its AI features.

Phased Rollout of Server-Side AI

Interestingly, Kuo does not view Apple’s AI advancements as a breakthrough in the field. Nonetheless, he predicts that Apple’s substantial investment in machine learning and artificial intelligence over recent years will yield benefits in the long run. His research indicates that the shipment volume of the iPhone 16 series in Q2 2024 might be slightly lower compared to the same period last year.

The server-side LLMs require more time to train compared to smaller on-device models. Kuo suggests that the more sophisticated server-dependent features may be introduced in phases rather than being fully launched with the iPhone 16 series. Advanced AI features are expected to be available on the iPhone 15 Pro models and newer, alongside the iPhone 16 series.

Apple's AI Partnerships

There have been reports about Apple’s collaborations with OpenAI and Google for server-side AI features. However, Kuo downplays the significance of these partnerships. He believes that Apple’s cooperation will primarily focus on the “encapsulation model” for user and application interaction.

In conclusion, Kuo asserts that post-WWDC24, Apple will no longer be viewed as a company lagging behind in the AI race.

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