Improved Persona function in Apple visionOS 1.1 beta enhances Vision Pro's capabilities

Improved Persona function in Apple visionOS 1.1 beta enhances Vision Pro’s capabilities

Apple Releases visionOS 1.1 Developer Beta with Enhanced Persona Feature

Apple has rolled out the first developer beta version of visionOS 1.1 for Vision Pro, introducing significant updates focused on optimizing Persona, the personal virtual image feature. Upon installing visionOS 1.1, Apple Vision Pro users will be prompted to re-enter Persona to experience the “latest cosmetic updates” included in the update. Social media platforms have already been abuzz with users sharing screenshots of the updated Persona, noting the detail enhancement and lifelike appearance.

Improved Realism with Persona

The new version of Persona showcases more detailed and realistic avatars, reflecting Apple’s commitment to continually improving the user experience on its VR platform. Notably, some users have observed new prompts in visionOS 1.1 Beta 1, indicating that Apple recommends users refrain from holding the headset themselves when entering Persona. Instead, users are advised to place the headset high or allow others to hold it during the setup process.

Continued Optimization and EyeSight Functionality

Despite these enhancements, Apple still designates Persona as a “beta” feature within visionOS 1.1, suggesting ongoing optimization efforts in future updates. Persona is described by Apple as a “real spatial representation” capable of capturing users’ facial expressions and hand movements in real time. This feature becomes particularly useful during Vision Pro’s video calls, where Persona can replace the user’s real face, providing privacy while maintaining engagement.

When setting up Persona, the system also captures the user’s eyes for use in the “EyeSight” function. This functionality allows the other party in a video call to see a virtually rendered image of the user’s eyes on the Vision Pro’s external display, enhancing the sense of connection and realism during communication.

Advancing VR Capabilities

Overall, the introduction of visionOS 1.1 with optimized Persona underscores Apple’s dedication to advancing the capabilities and usability of its VR platform.

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