HiBy FD5 Multifunction Headphone Amplifier Launches Globally

HiBy FD5 Multifunction Headphone Amplifier Launches Globally

The HiBy FD5 multifunction headphone amplifier has been introduced. This new heavy-duty desktop-grade amplifier is a robust option from HiBy and promises to be a great addition for audio enthusiasts. The FD5 amplifier features Bluetooth connectivity and USB support, alongside 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone and line outputs.

Advanced DAC Array and Design

The FD5 amplifier boasts a quad AKM4493 DAC array with a power output of 1,503mW. It sports a cyborg-inspired exterior design that is sure to appeal to audiophiles. Supporting all desktop audio functionalities, it offers both class A and AB amplification with easy switching. The 4 x AKM4493 DAC array is complemented by dual crystal oscillators and dual Hi-Res certification. Additionally, it includes a transparent 1.1-inch display for menu navigation.

Performance and Pricing

With enough power to drive nearly all headphones on the market, the FD5 reaches a maximum power output of 1,523mW. The model’s maximum SNR is 125dB, and it features a dynamic range of 127dB. Other specifications include a crosstalk rejection value of 106dBr, a THD+N rate of around 0.0004%, and a frequency response spanning from 20Hz to 90kHz.

The HiBy FD5 is available for $429 and can be purchased directly from the HiBy official website. Note that this price does not include shipping costs. HiBy has announced that shipments will start next week, with future availability expected on retail platforms like Amazon.

HiBy FD5 Multifunction Headphone Amplifier Launches Globally
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