Earn $130,000 with Your Old iPhone: Criteria You Must Meet

Earn $130,000 with Your Old iPhone: Criteria You Must Meet

At Gizmochina, discussions often revolve around the premium price tags attached to Apple products, both new releases and older models. Surprisingly, certain older iterations gain increased value over time, prompting one to question the worth of that neglected first-generation iPhone tucked away in a drawer. While its current value may seem minimal, an unopened first-generation iPhone could fetch a substantial sum, exceeding $130,000 due to its rarity.

Rare 4GB Original iPhone Fetches Over $130,000 in Auction

Vintage Apple products consistently fetch exorbitant prices in auctions, with a recent sale of a sealed first-generation iPhone 4 GB setting a new record. LCG Auctions, for instance, recently showcased a pristine iPhone 4G for sale, aiming for a price exceeding $100,000. Unsurprisingly, this smartphone, now deemed a collectible antique, was ultimately sold for over $130,000.

Anticipating Higher Prices for Historic iPhones

The trend of escalating prices for vintage Apple products appears to be continuing its upward trajectory. Another identical phone recently sold through LCG Auctions, commanding an astonishing $190,000. This substantial $60,000 price difference underscores the impact of demand on these rare artifacts. The value of these vintage iPhones primarily hinges on their scarcity, exacerbated by YouTubers purchasing them for unboxing content, thereby reducing the pool available for collectors.

Future Investment Considerations for Apple Products

Considering the potential value appreciation of sealed Apple products, one might ponder the profitability of purchasing an iPhone 15 and preserving it for a decade. While such an investment would likely yield returns, it may not match the significant profits seen with original, first-generation iPhones. Apple's production quantities for these earlier models were considerably lower (around 30 million) compared to the iPhone 14's production volume nearing 100 million units.

The forthcoming iPhone 15 is expected to follow suit with high production figures. Although this does not constitute investment advice, nor guarantee returns, retaining a sealed iPhone 15 could potentially result in a noteworthy profit in the future.

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