Apple's Car Project Cancellation Benefits Xiaomi

Apple’s Car Project Cancellation Benefits Xiaomi

Xiaomi's foray into the electric vehicle sector has resonated well with Apple enthusiasts, marking a significant 51.9% of pre-orders originating from Apple users. This surge in interest comes despite Xiaomi's newcomer status in the industry. CEO Lei Jun disclosed during the Beijing Auto Show that a considerable portion of Xiaomi EV buyers are Apple loyalists.

Apple Users Embrace Xiaomi SU7

The Xiaomi SU7's allure to Apple users stems from its seamless integration with Apple services like CarPlay and the innovative support for iPad connectivity within the vehicle, enabling rear-seat control in part.

CEO Lei Jun's Vision for Apple-Friendly EV

In a tweet, Lei Jun expressed Xiaomi's dedication to crafting the most Apple-compatible electric vehicle on the market, positioning the SU7 as the ultimate choice for iPhone and iPad users.

The CEO also divulged key insights about the Xiaomi SU7 at the auto show:

Strong Demand and Initial Deliveries

As of April 24, 2024, the Xiaomi SU7 has amassed a substantial 75,000 pre-orders, with over 5,781 units delivered within the first 28 days of its launch. This rapid success is attributed to the vehicle's robust design and Xiaomi's established manufacturing expertise.

Positive Reviews and User Base

The SU7 has received acclaim for its battery performance, impressive lap times on tracks like the Zhejiang Circuit, intelligent features such as smart parking and NOA driver assistance, and effective sun protection capabilities. Noteworthy is the significant female customer base, ranging from 40-50%, drawn to the car's design, storage space, and thermal insulation properties. A notable 29% of buyers are former Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi users who were impressed by Xiaomi's technological advancements. Apple users constitute a significant portion of SU7 buyers, likely due to Xiaomi's emphasis on Apple device compatibility.

2024 Plans and Aspirations

To meet escalating demand, Xiaomi is ramping up production with the goal of delivering 100,000 units by the year's end. They plan to establish 219 stores across China to enhance service quality and delivery efficiency. Software updates are in the pipeline, including the rollout of end-to-end valet parking and city NOA functionality in May and August, respectively. With a sizable R&D team comprising over 6,000 members, including 3,500 in research and development and more than 1,000 technical experts, Xiaomi is dedicated to innovation. Their overarching objective is to secure a position among the top 5 global automakers within the next 15-20 years, driving recruitment efforts to realize this ambitious vision.

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