Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Gas Stove S2 Launches in China for 849 yuan

Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Gas Stove S2 Launches in China for 849 yuan

Xiaomi recently introduced the MIJIA Smart Gas Stove S2 in the Chinese market, a cutting-edge appliance boasting high efficiency and safety features such as accidental flameout protection, alongside impressive firepower capabilities.

Innovative Features

The MIJIA Smart Gas Stove S2 showcases a peak firepower of 5,200W in natural gas mode and 4,800W in liquefied gas mode. Constructed with a brass fire cover for enhanced thermal conductivity, the stove's wrapped firehole design ensures uniform heat distribution, improving cooking performance significantly. With a modern energy-gathering disk utilizing thickened materials and three-dimensional oxygen mixing technology, the stove achieves exceptional thermal efficiency of up to 65%. Moreover, its 230-degree precision valve body knob enables precise fine-tuning of firepower levels to cater to diverse cooking needs.

Enhanced Design and Safety

Designed for both hygiene and aesthetics, the MIJIA Smart Gas Stove S2 features detachable stove head and pot rack components for easy cleaning, while the tempered glass stove panel ensures effortless maintenance. Undergoing six air tightness tests on the gas pipeline and combustion system guarantees maximum safety. The stove also incorporates accidental flameout protection as an added safety measure for users.

Intelligent Functions and Convenience

Equipped with intelligent capabilities, the smart gas stove offers low battery warnings and automatic oil smoke absorption for enhanced comfort during cooking. Continuous usage exceeding an hour triggers reminders through the MIJIA app, serving as a precautionary measure against potential accidents caused by oversight.

Pricing and Availability

The Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Gas Stove S2 is available in China for 849 yuan ($118) and can be acquired from various retail platforms, including JD.com.

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