Vivo T3x vs Vivo T3: Key Differences Explained

Vivo T3x vs Vivo T3: Key Differences Explained

On 17 April 2024, Vivo officially unveiled their T3x smartphone in India, shortly after debuting their T3 in 2023. Although both share similar names and belong to the same series, these smartphones display marked differences when it comes to specifications and pricing compared with one another. Let's delve into more information.

Specifications And Features

The Vivo T3x boasts a powerful processor and high-resolution display to deliver an enjoyable user experience, its camera setup designed for photography enthusiasts to capture striking pictures and videos effortlessly, and an outstanding battery life to allow extended usage between recharges.

Pricing Details

In terms of pricing, the Vivo T3x delivers an affordable package that matches its premium features. This smartphone provides excellent value for money - an attractive proposition for consumers searching for both performance and affordability in one device.


With the launch of Vivo's T3x smartphone, they continue to broaden their offering in India for all sorts of users. Boasting unique features and an economical price point, its appeal spans tech enthusiasts as well as budget-minded consumers alike.

Vivo T3x vs Vivo T3: Key Differences Explained
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