ViewSonic Introduces 44.5-inch 165Hz Curved Ultra-Wide Monitor

ViewSonic Introduces 44.5-inch 165Hz Curved Ultra-Wide Monitor

ViewSonic recently introduced their VX4518 ultrawide monitor, boasting an expansive 44.5-inch display with 32:9 aspect ratio. Now available through for just 4999 Yuan (approximately $703), let us examine its key specifications in greater depth.

ViewSonic VX4518 Overview:

The VX4518 features an expansive 44.5-inch VA panel boasting 5120x1440 resolution for nearly double the pixel count compared to regular 1440p monitors, along with 1500R curvature to enhance viewing experiences and offer an immersive feel.

Performance And Features:
This monitor offers a 165Hz refresh rate coupled with 1ms MPRT response times for smooth visuals and fast responses in fast-paced gaming scenarios without ghosting and tearing effects.

Accuracy And Gaming Capabilities:

Covering 99% of sRGB color space and 90% of DCI-P3, the VX4518 ensures accurate reproduction for creative tasks like photo and video editing, along with HDR10 support to increase contrast for an authentic viewing experience.

Gaming Features And Multitasking Capabilities:

Gamers will appreciate its compatibility with AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync adaptive sync technologies, reducing screen tearing and stuttering for smooth gameplay. Furthermore, its black stabilizer function enhances detail in darker areas for an edge in competition.

Connectivity And Convenience:

With multiple connectivity options such as two HDMI 2.1 ports, one DP 1.4 port, USB inputs, and built-in speakers - including PIP/PBP modes as well as KVM functionality to control multiple devices easily - the VX4518 provides users with an exceptional experience. Multitaskers will particularly appreciate PIP/PBP modes along with KVM functionality for seamless multi-device control.

Ergonomics And Eye Care: With an ergonomic stand allowing for tilt and height adjustments, the VX4518 prioritizes viewing comfort for its extended usage. Built-in eye care features like low blue light reduction technology and DC dimming are designed to reduce eye strain during prolonged viewing sessions.

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